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Welcome to EMBRACE Magazine, the only boudoir magazine of its kind sharing heartfelt stories through boudoir imagery for every Woman. Embrace Magazine is a bi-annual print and online independent publication focused on the art of fine art boudoir.


EMBRACE is here to serve as a visual poetic lullaby through intentional and carefully curated boudoir imagery for the every day woman.


Boudoir extends to more than just taking a portrait of a woman in delicate lace lingerie. Boudoir portraiture seeks truth. There is a special intimacy that lies within the vulnerability and acceptance when a woman is allowed the space to be honest in her own embrace.

In this platform, we will share emotive portraits in the fine art form of all women that speaks truth and strength. EMBRACE is not just a boudoir magazine, but a brand fully inspired by a woman’s strength and individualism. We believe that every woman should be celebrated during all of the stages of her life.  EMBRACE is here to share every story, for her soul.

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Embrace Magazine Boudoir Magazine Denice Lachapelle


Denice Lachapelle, Founder and Editor In Chief

As a Boudoir Photographer herself, her mission relies heavily on celebrating every woman’s voice through boudoir portraiture. Denice dedicates her artistry to the art of boudoir, and carries her mission as Editor In Chief for Embrace Magazine.





Embrace Magazine Boudoir Magazine Stephanie Rawcliffe by Sawyer Baird


Stephanie Rawcliffe, Publisher

Stephanie is the founding publisher of Dear Gray Magazine, an inspirational wedding magazine tailored to celebrating a couple’s love story through the craft of wedding artistry. Dear Gray, the brand, was born from her heart’s desire to encapsulate love stories, and has now expanded to it’s boudoir publication, Embrace Magazine.