A Melody of Light and Boudoir



Boudoir portraiture extends to more than just an image of a woman in lingerie. Boudoir portraiture is intimate, emotive, and inviting just as we see here in these portraits by Kel Ward Photography. In a melody of window light, Kel invites us to witness the way light plays into the mood of each portrait she captured of Shae. We hope these images serve as an inspiration to any women who may be in fear or doubt of what to expect during a boudoir session.

Light and Boudoir by Kel Ward PhotographyLight and Boudoir by Kel Ward PhotographyLight and Boudoir by Kel Ward Photography

Kel Ward shares a reflective memory from this session:

Shae was pretty quiet and focused throughout the session. She has a really intense way of connecting with the camera that I love. My favorite shot, though, is the one of her laughing. It was in between shots, my camera was down, and I said something dumb, which made her laugh. I quickly brought my camera up and snapped the photo, hoping it was in focus enough to turn out. It was a split second where she let her guard down and I was lucky enough to capture it.

Embrace Magazine Kel Ward PhotographyEmbrace Magazine Kel Ward PhotographyLight and Boudoir Kel Ward Photography

Boudoir imagery is powerful. How do you see it positively impacting Women?

I find that women feel beautiful and empowered before they even leave their photo shoot. The whole process, from choosing their outfits, to hair and makeup, to getting comfortable in front of the camera, to seeing the final product, all contributes to a sense of empowerment. For many women, this is a once in a lifetime experience and even building up the courage to book the session is a confidence booster. Seeing their final images just reinforces all of those feelings and also serves as a permanent reminder of how beautiful and strong they really are.

Embrace Magazine BoudoirEmbrace Magazine Kel Ward Photography

Editorial Credits
Model: Shae Rae
Film Lab: The FINDLab

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