Embrace Magazine Fine Art Boudoir Magazine Submissions


Thank you so much for your interest in submitting to Embrace Magazine. We are honored to have you share your work with us for consideration. Our core mission is to inspire our readers with intentional and thoughtfully curated fine art boudoir. We strive to showcase fine art boudoir images that are elegant, organic, and free of unnecessary distractions.

In order to remain truthful to our readers with the stories we share, our publication only accepts exclusive work that has not been published elsewhere.

Embrace Magazine Fine Art Boudoir Magazine Submissions
Print Publication

Issue 01 is now available for purchase. Grab your copy and dive into the stories of women through boudoir imagery by artists all around the world.

Embrace Magazine Michael and Carina Photography
Cover by Michael and Carina Photography


Submissions for Issue 02 will open on April 2, 2018. We will be accepting Boudoir Portraiture, Bridal Boudoir, and Couples Boudoir.

Online Publication

Submissions for online journal publication are currently open. We LOVE boudoir imagery with emotive portraits and heartfelt stories encapsulating a fine art aesthetic. Currently, we are accepting Boudoir Portraiture, Bridal Boudoir,  Couples Boudoir, and Maternity Boudoir.

Please complete the form below and provide 30 +/- images that you’d like for us to consider. As of now, we only accept images through Pixieset, Dropbox, Box, and WeTransfer. Unfortunately, PASS crunches image resolution which makes your images incompatible with our CMS.

We should be able to see consistency in portraiture, details, and story-telling within the images you’ve chosen. Be sure to include both vertical and horizontal images.

*Very Important:  Please send us the gallery password and/or 4 digit passcode if required! Your files must be labeled with your business name.  We will not review submissions marked otherwise.

Please do not send us an outside email with galleries and/or submission information.  Unfortunately, we will not be responding to these with a feature confirmation or feedback as we do not have the staff to handle these inquiries.  Your submission form will be received by our editors. Within three weeks we will be in touch to gather more information from you should we feel your submission is a fit.

If you do not hear from us within the three-week time window, please proceed with submitting your work to be featured in another publication.


If your answer is yes, you will be required to submit additional information in order to proceed with the publication of your collection.